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Dordogne’s network of waterways is filled with salmon : brown trout and with carnivorous fishes like pike, zander, perch and black-bass. Small fry such as roach bleak, carp, barbel and gudgeon can also be found.

There are two different kinds of rivers wich are classified according to their fish-breeding’s stock :

  • the first one being the rivers inhabited by salmons, called “the first category” ;
  • the second one being the rivers where flesh-eating fishes and small fry can be seen, called “the second category”.

You need to buy a fishing card accompanied by an identity card to be allowed to fish. This is a legal requirement.

The number of trout caught and their size are controlled. Consequently, if you catch a trout, it should measure at least 25 cm and 30 cm only on the Dordogne river. Also, you are not allowed to catch more than 6 trout per day per fisherman (only 3 “fario” or brown trout).

The use of dipterans larvae (grubs, etc…) is forbidden in first category rivers.

The size at which one is allowed to catch and keep :

  • a pike is : 60 cm ;
  • a zander  is : 50 cm in second category rivers;
  • a black-bass is : 40 cm in second category rivers.

You will find below the opening fishing periods :

  • from March, to the 12th to September, the 18th 2022 in first category rivers.

You are allowed to fish in second category rivers all the year long, except during the closed season mentionned below :

  • pike : from January the 31th to April the 29th ;
  • zander : from January the 31th to May the 20th ;
  • black-bass : from January the 31th to June the 17th ;
  • trout : from January the 1st to March the 11th and from September the 17th.

You can also fish the carp during the night (no-kill) on certain part of rivers.

You can also 3 fishes per days (pike, zander, black-bass) but maximum 2 pikes in this 3 fishes, in second category rivers. And 2 pikes per days (pike, zander, black-bass) in first category

∗ Our fishing shops are entirely at your disposal should you require further information.